PCI-Express Riser/Extender Test

Published: 7th Jul 2017, 08:48 GMT   Comments
Premium Lian Li Shielded Riser 380 mm (PW-PCIE38-1)
Premium Lian-Li Shielded Riser 300 mm (PW-PCIE30-1)
LengthPCIe StandardShieldedSeparated LanesPrice
300 mm
380 mm
PCIe 3.0 x16 YES 20 lanes per cableboth 65 USD

Lian-Li is offering premium risers as an accessory. They are sold in kits designed specifically for Lian-Li cases, but Lian-Li is also planning to sell those risers separately. 

These are high-quality extenders with angled PCIe slots. Lian-Li risers have 10 cables in total: 2x power cable, 8x data cables. They are quite flexible and it’s almost impossible to leave scratches on them.

In this review, we are looking at two lengths: 30 and 38cm. We were told that both will be available for the same price: 65 USD.

Link | Link

Premium Thermaltake Shielded Riser 300 mm (AC-045-CN1OTN-C1): 69.99 USD
LengthPCIe StandardShieldedSeparated LanesPrice
300 mm
PCIe 3.0 x16 YES ~33 lanes per cable69-99 USD

Thermaltake Premium Riser is actually quite new. Shortly after my non-premium cable stopped working I bought one of these to see if there’s still any hope for vertical GPU installation.

Thermaltake offers few lengths of these cables. For TT P3 or P5 case you will only need 30 cm cable. The other options are 60cm and 100cm. I reached out to TT for other lengths, but they only sent 30cm one, so at least I had two of these for my daisy-chain test.

Probably the first thing you to notice are blue connectors. The official pictures from advertisement clearly show they are black. You are unlikely to notice the difference when the cable is installed, but it might be something to consider during the purchase.

By far the most interesting feature of this cable is its flexibility. I have not really gone that far, but I can confirm that they are well built and so far nothing has happened to them.

Thermaltake also has a dedicated website with their in-house performance figures. Those values are slightly out of context, what you should know is that graphics cards with external power connectors tend to perform similarly to PCIe powered cards.

These charts are not part of this review. They are here for you only to compare between our results and official ones.


Thermaltake Shielded Riser 200 mm (AC-039-CN1OTN-C1)
LengthPCIe StandardShieldedSeparated LanesPrice
200 mm
PCIe 3.0 x16 YES  NO30 USD

This was my first riser which was bundled with the chassis. I decided to add it to this review as a precaution. There are no benchmarks done with this cable, because it doesn’t work anymore. It turned out to be extremely fragile and yes I was aware how fragile risers are, but it still did not prevent the damage. After reading some forums it appears that this kind of risers tend to be a hit or miss. Chances are that your cable may not work the moment you have it installed. Since they cost half of what premium cables do, I would recommend going for a premium cable instead.


Cheap #1 Unshielded Riser 150 mm
LengthPCIe StandardShieldedSeparated LanesPrice
150 mmPCIe 3.0 x16 NO every 20/113 USD

Cheap #2 Unshielded Riser (1x) 150 mm
LengthPCIe StandardShieldedSeparated LanesPrice
150 mm
PCIe 3.0 x16 NO NO3 USD

Cheap #3 Unshielded Riser 150mm
LengthPCIe StandardShieldedSeparated LanesPrice
150 mm
PCIe 3.0 x16 NO YES (4 groups)3 USD

Cheap #4 Unshielded Riser 190 mm
LengthPCIe StandardShieldedSeparated LanesPrice
190 mm
PCIe 3.0 x16 NO YES (4 groups)4 USD

LengthPCIe StandardNumber of WiresShieldedSeparated LanesPrice
600 mmPCIe 3.0 x140 YES YES (every 4 lanes)6 USD

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Page 1Introduction to PCI Express risers
Page 2PCI Extender Extenders in this test
Page 3PCI Extender Synthetic Performance Test
Page 4PCI Extender Thermal Test
Page 5PCI Extender Conclusion

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