MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ARMOR Review

Published: 4th May 2017, 19:25 GMT | Comments


Performance: 95%

The difference between GTX 1080 TI GAMING X and ARMOR OC is minimal (within a margin of error). It’s factory overclocked out of the box, which makes it faster than Founders Edition.

Performance comparison2560×14403840×2160
 VideoCardz.comGTX 1080 Ti
GTX 1080 Ti
GTX 1080 Ti
GTX 1080 Ti
Battlefield 199%100%98%100%
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided99%100%100%100%
The Division101%100%100%100%
Metro: Last Light99%100%97%100%
Rise of the Tomb Raider100%100%100%100%
Sniper Elite 499%100%99%100%
Witcher 395%100%98%100%

Cooling design & build quality: 85%

ARMOR 2X cooling solution is pure dual-slot design. Card features the exact same PCB as GAMING X. It does not have a backplate, cooling efficiency is average, but it does fairly a good job in gaming and benchmarking scenarios. Build quality is better than from most ARMOR cards I’ve tested.

Overclocking: 85%

Overclocking is limited by thermal characteristics of the ARMOR 2X cooler. You are much more likely to see frequency drop caused by GPU temperature, rather than power limit. We managed to gain around 90 MHz in the actual benchmark, which gave us a noticeable boost of performance, however, it was not best experience considering the noise generated by the fan.

Price & bundles: 95%

The MSI GTX 1080 TI ARMOR OC is currently available for around 699 USD, which is actually a price range of blower type cards, including Founders Edition. In Europe, this model is slightly more expensive, but still cheaper than most flagship 1080 Ti models.

Closing thoughts

Since the introduction of Pascal architecture, we knew that Big Pascal would at some point find its way to gaming PCs. Almost a year after GTX 1080 was released custom GTX 1080 Ti’s are widely available.

At the time of writing, MSI had ten GTX 1080 Ti’s in the offer. A full custom design is currently available with GAMING, Sea Hawk EK and ARMOR series, which are acting as a middle ground solution in MSI lineup. ARMOR OC is neither the best nor the cheapest solution. It’s an alternative choice for the high-end segment for a reasonable price.

The MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ARMOR OC is a good choice for enthusiasts who not want to pay for unnecessary features. The ARMOR OC is meant to give you the best performance out of the box, although it is not meant to be the fastest. Overclocking potential is average, but let’s be honest, ARMOR 2X cooler was never designed with overclocking in mind. While the current trend for high-end graphics cards is a 2.5 slot design, ARMOR was designed as a dual-slot card, making it an interesting solution for SLI.

I recommend MSI ARMOR 1080 Ti as an alternative to blower type models, especially for this price.

MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ARMOR Review WhyCry


Performance - 95%
Cooling & Design - 85%
OverClocking - 85%
Price & Bundles - 95%

Fans turn off when card is not in use
Custom PCB with 8+2 phase design
No backplate
Noisy fan under load
Cooling not suitable for overclocking


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