MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ARMOR Review

Published: 4th May 2017, 19:25 GMT | Comments

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Overclocking potential of MSI GTX 1080 Ti ARMOR OC is not great. The problem does not lie in board design, silicon lottery or insufficient power delivery. The only thing keeping us away from reaching higher clocks is the cooler. Voltage adjustment is not recommended because it will only increase power consumption and as a result, the temperature will be higher and frequency will be lower. After trying multiple settings and stress testing for a reasonable amount of time the only stable configuration was with additional 75 MHz on the core and 500 MHz on the memory. There was no problem benchmarking with 80 or even 85 MHz on the core, but after few minutes of actual stress testing such configuration was simply unstable and would result in a crash.

Due to high oscillation of stock frequency (capped by power limit), the actual gain in average clock speed is around 91 MHz. It means that stable 2.0 GHz is sadly not within our reach.

Reference :1480 MHz1582 MHz11008 MHz
ARMOR  Stock :1531 MHz1645 MHz1862 MHz11008 MHz
ARMOR Manual OC :1606 MHz1720 MHz1953 MHz12008 MHz

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