COLORFUL iGame GTX 1080 Ti KUDAN Review

Published: 21st Oct 2017, 20:22 GMT | Comments

Card design

There is no other way to say this, KUDAN is huge. It’s a massive card occupying three slots. It weighs more than 2 kilograms and that’s without the radiator, but don’t worry, KUDAN ships with VGA support if the card is to be installed horizontally. In my case, it was not required because I prefer vertical mounting.

This is how the full setup looks like. Braided tubing is finished with plug-in connectors. A radiator is just an option.

On the side KUDAN hides the most innovative part, the LCD panel. It was introduced by Colorful with Vulcan series (now also available with GALAX HOF series). The left side hosts a pair of 8-pin power connectors and right side has two SLI fingers.

The bracket has a button to switch BIOSes. In this review, we are only going to focus on Turbo mode. KUDAN has five display outputs: two DisplayPorts, two HDMIs and one DVI-I.

The cooler is slightly longer than the card itself. There are in total four cables to be connected (LCD, LED, Fan, Fan). There are two fan connectors because the fans are operating asynchronously.

The backplate covers the whole card. The iGame logo is illuminated by red LED.

KUDAN does have RGB lighting. It is controllable through iGame Zone application and will adjust the color and animation of the LEDs hidden behind the middle fan. I made this short video to demonstrate the effect.


This is not a typical AIO kit, it’s a real water block with plug-in connectors and optional expandability for existing loops.

The heatsink occupies two slots. It is separated into two parts connected with 7 heat pipes. The fans operate asynchronously which means the third fan will start spinning later. KUDAN has 0 dB technology, no fans will be used as long as temperature is under 60 C.

The radiator is also massive. It hosts 140 mm fan and a pump/reservoir made by Syscooling.

Sadly everything inside this chassis is glued together, so I wasn’t really desperate to take it all apart. And yes, the tube is bent. I was lucky to notice this before I started my benchmarks.

by WhyCry