Watercooled and overclocked NVIDIA TITAN RTX scores 31,862 in 3DMark Fire Strike

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Yesterday TITAN RTX, NVIDIA’s most expensive and possibly the fastest graphics card has gone on sale. Today we have first (happy) owners showing what the new card is capable of.

NVIDIA TITAN RTX in 3DMark Fire Strike

A true PC enthusiast going by a name ‘Death’, shared photos of a brand new TITAN RTX on twitter. The card, which belongs to “jbn1010” from South Korea, was immediately put under water and overclocked thanks to Bykski block with an LCD.

The card was overclocked to 2070 MHz (GPU) and 2025 MHz (memory). This helped to reach 31,862 points in Fire Strike benchmark (overall score) and 41,109 points in graphics test.

NVIDIA TITAN RTX features fully unlocked TU102 GPU with 4608 CUDA cores, 288 Texture Units, 96 ROPs, 576 Tensor cores, and 72 RT cores. The Greens decided to equip TITAN RTX with 24 GB of GDDR6 memory, with a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 672 GB/s. Jbn1010’s overclocking had a bandwidth of 778 GB/s.

Turing-based TITAN is currently available for 2,499 USD.

Update: JayzTwoCents released a video with TITAN RTX review benchmark results:

Source: Death @ Twitter

Many thanks to I_Leak_VN for the tip!

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