Report: Intel’s Core i5-10300H is 11% faster than Core i5-9300H in Cinebench

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Today our friends over at LaptopMedia posted the first independent benchmark result of Comet Lake-H series.

Intel Core i5-10300H scores 1924 in Cinebench R20

The Core i5-10300H is 100-200 MHz faster than its predecessor Core i5-9300H (based on Coffee Lake-H architecture). This frequency boost brings roughly 11% performance uplift in Cinebench 20 (multi-threaded test). Due to the nature of notebook comparisons, the configurations of the systems are not the same, as 10300H was tested on DDR4-3200 memory while 9300H with DDR4-2666.

Both 10300H and 9300H CPUs, which are 4-core and 8-thread processors, are rated at 45W TDP. They represent the mid-tier in the Core-H lineup as part of the Core i5 series. LaptopMedia discovered that both CPUs also feature the exact same integrated graphics processors (iGPU) – Intel UHD 630. There is no information on GPU frequency though.

Core i5-10300H in Cinebench R20:

All known Comet Lake-H processors

We have gathered a list of all known Comet Lake-H CPUs. The information in this table does not represent Intel’s confirmed specs, but rather the highest reported frequencies for these CPUs.

Intel 10th Gen Core Comet Lake-H (Jan 24th)
Core SKUCores / ThreadsBase ClockTurbo ClockTDP
Core i9-10980H
3.1 GHz
5.0 GHz
Core i9-10880H
2.3 GHz
Core i5-10750H
2.6 GHz
4.7 GHz
Core i5-10300H
2.5 GHz
4.3 GHz


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