Pin layouts show differences between AMD SP3 and TR4 sockets

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AMD SP3/TR4 socket pinout maps

AMD’s Land Grid Array sockets for the Zen-based processors are changing the industry as we know it. With the latest generation of EPYC, these sockets carry CPUs featuring up to 64-cores (EPYC 7702P).

At HardwareBattle pinout layouts for the SP3 and TR4 sockets have been shared. As a reminder, the TR4 is not the same socket as sTRX4 for the next-gen Threadripper 3000 series. So far, no one has released a map for this socket.

The author of the maps goes in detail to explain that the differences between Threadripper and EPYC sockets are minimal. However, for obvious reason, AMD does not allow cross-compatibility between both platforms.

You can download higher resolution images at the source, a description of each pin has been provided in a separate Google document.

Segment (Architecture)SocketChipsetCPU Series
AMD EPYC (Zen)SP3EPYC 7001 (Naples) / 7002 (Rome)
AMD Threadripper (Zen, Zen+)TR4X399Threadripper 1000 (Whitehaven) / 2000 (Colfax)
AMD Threadripper (Zen2)sTRX4TRX40Threadripper 3000 (Castle Peak)

Source: HardwareBattle (pictures), Google Drive (Pinmap)

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