NVIDIA to certify Adaptive-Sync monitors to support G-Sync

Published: 7th Jan 2019, 08:02 | Comments


Today NVIDIA announced G-Sync Compatible Monitors program.

Adaptive-Sync + Certification = G-Sync

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang today announced that the company will commit time and resources to test and certify every single monitor supporting VESA DisplayPort protocol, which is a VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology.

It is said that NVIDIA will support such monitors through a driver update. As explained by Huang, Adaptive-Sync monitors need to be validated, calibrated and optimized for G-Sync experience. This process requires a lot of engineering work. So far only 12 monitors out of 400 tested have been confirmed to support G-Sync.

More importantly, even if the monitor does reach the list, it will be possible to manually enable G-Sync support. Either way, NVIDIA has just allowed every Adaptive-Sync monitor to use G-Sync technology, but the experience will vary.

The support for Adaptive-Sync monitors will be provided starting from January 15, with NVIDIA’s first Game Ready driver in 2019.

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