NVIDIA to add ReShade filters to GeForce Drivers

Published: 23rd Oct 2019, 20:41 | Comments


NVIDIA has confirmed it will be adding ReShade filters to GeForce drivers.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience to receive ReShade support

In case you haven’t used ReShade, or even heard about it, there are hundreds of videos available on YouTube showing a variety of user-made filters for this post-processing injector. The purpose of this tool is to enhance the viewing experience in many popular games by adding (often missing) features such as SMAA antialiasing, screen-space ambient occlusions, etc., or by adding vibrant colors to ‘faded’ titles.

It is hard to say how will this affect the popularity of the ReShade Project. It may depend on the implementation with NVIDIA software. NVIDIA only claims users will be able to “tap into hundreds of filters”, but not specify if they can be manually imported.

The new driver with ReShade support will be available next week during GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER launch. NVIDIA confirmed that ReShade filters will be supported through GeForce Experience using NVIDIA Freestyle and Ansel technologies. 

Picture credit: GTA5Redux

On Twitter we asked how many of you use NVIDIA Freestyle technology. The vast majority has never heard about it, or do not use it.

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