NVIDIA TITAN Xp overclocking performance unveiled

Published: 8th Apr 2017, 09:37 | Comments


More customers receive their TITAN Xps and more benchmarks are posted online.

A member of Chinese Baidu forums put his Xp through several tests before adding some extra frequency and retesting it again.

Note that FireStrike Performance score is lower than from yesterday’s post.

Since both TITAN X and TITAN Xp look almost identical the only way to notice the difference is by looking at an I/O bracket, because Xp lacks DVI port.


TITAN X family: Maxwell, Pascal, Pascal XP:

System specs:

TITAN Xp typical frequency is just under 1900 MHz.

With Furmark TITAN Xp downlocks to 1405 MHz to avoid overheating (temperature 86C).

TITAN Xp Overclocking:

We are observing a ~10% boost in performance by applying higher clocks:

Source: Baidu

by WhyCry

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