NVIDIA teases ‘ultimate gaming experience’ at GTC Taiwan

Published: 9th May 2018, 14:46 | Comments


It is unlikely to be related to new GeForce series though.

NVIDIA GTC Taiwan 2018

NVIDIA has held a GTC(onference) in Taipei just recently in October. Jensen will take the stage again in Taiwan on May 30, right before Computex, which starts just few days later. This conference is listed on few NVIDIA websites, but only Taiwanese version mentions ‘ultimate gaming experience’.

The same site lists “Computex: Redefining Gaming Experience” with GeForce 10-series powered laptop and GSYNC 4K HDR displays. Not a word about new series.

Officially, main topics for GTC 2018 in Taiwan are to be related to artificial technology.

Our sources were unable to confirm any new GeForce graphics card at Computex or GTC, only new custom models of existing SKUs.


Utilizing GPU computing to explore the world’s infinite possibilities – witness the power of artificial intelligence and the ultimate gaming experience in GTC Taiwan and Computex 2018.

Source: NVIDIA via ITHome

by WhyCry

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