NVIDIA hosts first next-Gen GeForce briefings for board partners

Published: 12th Jun 2018, 21:01 | Comments


NVIDIA is allegedly hosting first briefings for board partners about upcoming GeForce series.

Is it Turing?

Igor Wallosek from Tom’s Hardware Germany claims that first board partners have been briefed about the new gaming series from NVIDIA. The bill of materials (BoM) has also been shown, which basically starts the whole process of GeForce 20 (or 11 as some claim) series development.

Igor Wallosek:

[…] we have unofficially learned from some board partners that Nvidia has already started training the relevant employees from the development departments. And since Nvidia does not prioritize any sales training courses for sales, the time calculation based on the tables listed below is likely to take on much more concise forms. 

From now it will take weeks, likely months to have products ready for release. In other words, there is absolutely no way of telling when new series will launch at this point, but the train has just left the station.

Igor mentioned that Hassan from WCCFTech is working on this story, however, we’ve learned that is not the case.

Check the original story for more details, especially if you wish to see how this process looks from board partner perspective.

Source: Tom’s Hardware, 3DCenter

Many thanks to Lars for the tip!

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