Mysterious AMD Radeon GPU appears in OpenVR benchmark leaderboard

Published: 9th Jan 2020, 17:03 | Comments


“AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics” faster than GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Something interesting has just shown up in OpenVR benchmark results database. The leaderboard access is limited, as it requires a separate purchase. However, “muchcharles” (a member of AMD Sub-reddit) discovered a new entry in the database.

The OPN code of the CPU corresponds to Ryzen 7 4800H, but the clock speeds are not the same. This might be a variant of 4800H running at different TDP, or an early engineering sample (4800H has a boost clock of 4.2 GHz).

The bigger question appears when we are trying to figure out what the GPU in this test really is. It could be an unreleased graphics in an external GPU enclosure, a Radeon running in CrossFire, or the Big Navi.

We simply don’t know yet, but this is an interesting find for sure.

Source: muchcharles @ Reddit

by WhyCry

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