MSI X399 SLI PLUS new motherboard for Ryzen Threadripper pictured

Published: 2nd Oct 2017, 07:07 | Comments


AMD Ryzen Threadripper ecosystem is growing. We have a new motherboard, this time from MSI.


This is ninth X399 Threadripper motherboard. To give you some perspective, there are 48 Intel X299 motherboards, so the ecosystem is growing, but not as fast as Intel’s.

The SLI Plus is clearly aiming at budget builders. By comparing SLI Plus to Carbon Pro we noticed immediately that both motherboards share the same layout, in fact, I can’t see any difference. Although there are fewer reinforced PCIe slots, there are no reinforced memory slots, there is no cover on the audio chipset and there is only one ‘shield’ for the M.2 slot. Apart from that, it’s the same motherboard.

by WhyCry

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