MSI teases GODLIKE GAMING motherboard

Published: 15th May 2017, 10:00 | Comments


UPDATE: Motherboard turned out to be Z270 GODLIKE GAMING, not X299.


MSI is teasing upcoming X299 GODLIKE motherboard, the flagship model for Intel’s Basin Falls platform.


Four reinforced PCI-Express slots, three shielded M.2 slots, three ethernet connectors, USB 3.1 and two Wi-Fi antennas– that’s MSI’s X299 GODLIKE, which is expected to launch next month along with a new lineup of Intel Core i9 CPUs.

GODLIKE motherboards are considered flagship series in MSI lineup. These motherboards are the most feature packed models in the offer. With X99 series MSI introduced two models, the X99 GODLIKE GAMING and X99 GODLIKE GAMING CARBON.

Hopefully, MSI will adopt similar design and set of features for Ryzen HEDT platform.


by WhyCry

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