MSI Radeon RX 570 GAMING X spotted at Ebay

Published: 13th Apr 2017, 17:34 | Comments


Someone is selling a brand new Radeon RX 570 from MSI on eBay. 

So I guess this is how we get our very first look at MSI’s GAMING X Radeon RX 500 graphics cards. This particular model has 4GB GDDR5 memory, although there will be 8GB models as well.

In fact, with Radeon RX 400 series, MSI had 8 cards based on Polaris 10 PRO, including ARMOR (OC), GAMING (X), 8GB and 4GB models.

Unfortunately, no other specs were posted, so we can only guess how fast this card really is.

And by the way, we have a picture of GTS Black Edition’s packaging. XFX is likely also planning GTR cards with better-looking coolers (similar to RX 400 series), but we need to wait for pictures of those.

Source: Ebay

by WhyCry

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