Jensen Huang: Next GeForce is a long time from now

Published: 4th Jun 2018, 07:09 | Comments


During the first press conference before Computex, NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang was asked multiple times when to expect the next GeForce series.

It’s a long time from now

What the conference has confirmed is that NVIDIA is not even ready to talk about the new series yet. Any question about the next installment in GeForce portfolio has been met with a laugh and no definite answer from Jensen.

The press conference was an invite-only event. Those who were invited were welcomed by snacks handed personally out by Jensen. Unfortunately, those who were expecting a taste of a new Geforce were left with disappointment.

No details about GeForce 20 were given, although journalists were trying to at least get a hint.

What Jensen told everyone was that they will be invited to the launch of new GeForce, but they should not expect it very soon. This confirms what we have been hearing from the industry for the past few months, NVIDIA has not given any details to their partners yet, so there is nothing to talk about yet.

Source: UFDTech

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