Intel (Xe) DG1 spotted with 96 Execution Units

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Intel Xe DG1 has 96 EUs?

The development of Intel Xe graphics is being kept under a closed lid ever since the company announced entering into the discrete graphics market somewhere in 2020. As we approach next year, rumors and leaks are beginning to appear more frequent. No significant details were revealed yet, but we sure are keeping eyes on anything that could be interesting.

The Xe architecture will span across many segments. Starting from entry-level mobile gaming to high-performance computing. The DG1 graphics are believed to be Intel’s first discrete graphics for gamers. Rumors also suggest that Intel will launch the DG2 variant as well. Both of these names are not product names though, so we still do not know how the new series will be called.

The latest leak from EEC points towards 96 Execution Units. If Intel was to keep the same design principle for DG1 as for Intel mobile HD/UHD graphics, then we should expect 96*8 shading units, that’s 768 in total. It is pointless to speculate if this is 768 or 1536 (*16) shading units, but it appears that DG1 focuses on entry-level graphics.

Intel’s Tiger Lake is also believed to have 96EUs (featuring Gen12 Xe based graphics).

  • DG1 External FRD1 96EU Accessory Kit (Alpha) Development Kit (DGD12KEF3A)
  • Discrete Graphics 96EU DG1 8+2 Windows External PROD HOST SDP (Alpha) (DGD12SEH4A)
  • Discrete Graphics 96EU DG1 6+2 Windows External PROD HOST SDP (Alpha) (DGD12SEH3A)
Rumored Intel GPU Shading Units Count
Intel DG1 (Xe)Intel SkylakeIntel BroadwellHaswell
Max Execution Units
Max Shading Units
768 (TBC)


Source: EEC via Komachi

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