Intel TigerLake Gen12 (Xe) graphics is twice as fast as IceLake’s Gen11

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Intel Ice Lake’s successor is flexing muscles in 3DMark benchmarks.

Intel Xe Graphics in Tiger Lake is fast

According to Notebookcheck, Intel Gen12 graphics integrated into Tiger Lake processors will offer twice the performance of Ice Lake processors. This is the conclusion based on a graph which does not present the data from 3DMark software, but rather shows a scale of performance difference between generations.

If we look at Ice Lake’s 48EU variant and compare it with Tiger Lake 48 EU variant then it appears that TGL is more than twice as fast, which should not really be surprising considering how important the Xe graphics launch is for Intel.

The 96EU model is believed to feature identical specifications to Intel’s DG1 discrete graphics (SDV). The card features 768 shading units, 3GB or 6GB memory (of unknown type), and clock speeds around 1500 MHz. All this data is based on leaked benchmark results, which may not be very accurate.

Intel is set to launch its Tiger Lake processors later this year. The company is also working on the Rocket Lake-S series for the mainstream desktop platform. Both series are expected to share the same core design (Willow Cove).

Ultra-low-power APUs
VideoCardz.comIntel Tiger LakeIntel Ice LakeAMD Renoir
Fab. Node10nm10nm (~7B tran.)7nm (9.8B tran.)
Die Size146 mm2122 mm2156 mm2
Core DesignWillow CoveSunny CoveZen2
GPU ArchitectureGen12 (Xe)Gen11GCN 5.0 (Vega)
PCIe Gen4.03.04.0
Thunderbolt Gen4.03.03.0
Memory (up to)LPDDR5-?LPDDR4X-3733LPDDR4-4266 / DDR4-3200
CPU Core Variants2 / 42 / 44 / 6 / 8
GPU Core Variants384 / 512 / 640 / 768256 / 384 / 512384 / 448 / 512
TDP VariantsU (28/15W) / Y (9W)U (28/15W) / Y (9W)U (15W), H (45/35W), G (65W)

Intel Tiger Lake Y package

Source: Notebookcheck

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