Intel shares ‘2035’ discrete graphics card concepts

Published: 29th May 2019, 10:53 | Comments


During the Odyssey event at Computex, Intel showcased new discrete graphics cards concepts made by Cristiano Siqueira. 

The year is 2035

Of course, these concepts do not represent any existing products, in fact, they are teased as futuristic 2035 designs. Think of ‘ion cooling’, RGB, OLED screens, reversed PCIe slot, steampunk design? It’s all here.

Intel will enter the discrete graphics card market in 2020. The company has been very engaged with the community, by asking and answering questions.

This approach to product marketing is definitely something new in the GPU business. Rather than keep the ideas to themselves, Intel is eager to share and listen. This may pay off or backfire if any of the promises are not delivered.

But what do VideoCardz readers think of this?

Intel Prometheus Concept

Intel Gemini Concept

Intel Oblivion Concept


Intel Sirius Concept

Intel Andromeda Concept

Source: LegitReviews

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