Intel Core i9-9900K and i7-9700K available for preorder

Published: 24th Aug 2018, 07:30 | Comments


Intel Core 9000 series are now available for preorder at CentralPoint.

Intel Core i9-9900K for 833€?!

CentralPoint is ready to take your preorders for upcoming 9th Gen Core series. The retailer is expecting the stock to arrive on September 7th, which is 3 weeks before formerly planned released (early October).

The 689€ price for 9900K and 539€ for 9700K may be quite shocking and unexpected. The best part is that is even without VAT. So the 8-core i9 part will cost 833€ if you decide to preorder it now. Not the greatest deals around, but at least you can say to your friends you have i9-9900K coming to your home.

CentralPoint is basically selling parts they don’t have for the price that is artificially increased because MSRP will not be known until early September. It’s like with news stories, the sooner you publish your story, the more readership it will get, or in this case, more preorders.

Update: Dutch retailer also has 9900K listed, but at a much lower price:

Source: CentralPoint, DCC

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