GIGABYTE Z390 Gaming SLI motherboard pictured

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Gigabyte’s Z390 Gaming

With the Z390 chipset, Gigabyte is focusing on upgrading VRM sections, board naming and overall look.

The Z390 Gaming SLI is not really that much different than Aorus Elite. The audio chipset has been modified, one of the PCIe x1 slots has been upgraded to x16, there are fewer connectors on the I/O bracket (which appears to be preinstalled as well).

Now let’s assume you want to pair this motherboard with two Turing cards (this is an SLI motherboard after all). The Z390 Gaming SLI is not the top tier in Gigabyte’s lineup, it is not even AORUS branded, so it clearly won’t be the best.

Two RTX graphics cards will cost you at least 1400 USD (699 for RTX 2080, because RTX 2070 does not support SLI). If you can afford two RTX graphics cards, then you can probably afford i9-9900K, which is more or less designed for overclocking. Whether this is the best motherboard for overclocking, I’m not sure, but I would recommend waiting for AORUS series at this point.

A few days ago we leaked AORUS Z390 Elite:

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