GeForce 20 rumors: HDMI 2.1 and new Boost Clock?

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Igor Wallosek, a very active personality in recent next-gen GeForce rumor mill, has once again shared more details on GeForce 20(11), which have been put together by guys over at 3DCenter.

HDMI 2.1

Igor has contacts in NVIDIA’s board partners’ research & development teams. NVIDIA recently hosted a briefing for those teams to give an update on upcoming architecture, rumored to be called Turing or Ampere (whichever you prefer).

You can already look forward to a new way of a very specific video output and NV has also fundamentally changed the tact and its handling — Igor Wallosek

The update points towards ‘new video output’. New display technology was not directly mentioned, but one could guess it’s HDMI 2.1 since GeForce 10 cards are already Display Port 1.4 ‘ready’.

This would provide a significant bandwidth increase for high-resolution and high-refresh-rate displays. such as NVIDIA’s Big Format Displays (4K HDR 120Hz+), which are not yet on sale.

Fundamental changes to frequency operation

It is also said that NVIDIA will once again change how core frequency operates with the new architecture. Whether that’s a new boost state, shader clock return or something we didn’t even think of yet, we simply don’t know.

NVIDIA has successfully reached the 2 GHz barrier with Pascal architecture. Frequency optimizations would once again provide an upper hand over the competition.

GeForce 20 or GeForce 10

We asked you which name would you prefer for next GeForce series. NVIDIA has never confirmed the next iteration codename, so it’s pure speculation:

Source: 3DCenter

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