First NVIDIA TITAN Xp benchmark result emerges

Published: 7th Apr 2017, 16:56 | Comments


First pictures of TITAN Xp reaching a customer have been posted online.

NVIDIA TITAN Xp is faster than GTX 1070 SLI

Reddit user named “xramzal” has just posted pictures of his new toy, a very expensive toy — TITAN Xp. But let’s focus on the on the new graphics card itself. Xramzal gave us, what seems to be, first 3DMark result in Fire Strike Performance.

Having just finished 1080 Ti review I have fresh benchmark data for comparison. TITAN Xp is just a little bit faster than overclocked 1080 Ti and roughly 11% faster than stock GTX 1080 Ti (here represented by silent mode):

Source: Reddit

by WhyCry

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