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Just a small roundup of teasers from EVGA that started appearing on social media over the past few days.


EVGA is teasing upcoming GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 edition of the HYBRID. This means a full custom design (unlike SC2 HYBRID). The teaser does not tell us much except the color of the shroud is black (not silver as on SC2). We can also see a BIOS switch and one of the two 8-pin power connectors. The FTW3 HYBRID is likely to benefit from all ICX features, including multiple thermal sensors.

We are counting down the days until #Computex here. Can’t wait to show what we have in store!

EVGA “DARK” motherboard

Meanwhile, EVGA’s motherboard division is teasing a new model. We don’t know if that’s X299 or Z270, but since X299 launch is taking place at Computex…  we might be looking at X299 DARK motherboard. It’s been a while since I saw a motherboard with a fan.

It’s starting to get Dark in here… Just a few more days until Computex!


It seems that EVGA is also ready to launch GTX 1080 Ti designed with the collaboration with Kingpin, a famous extreme overclocker. What to you expect from GTX 1080 Ti Kingpin Edition? A custom PCB designed for LN2 cooling, multiple voltage measurement points, premium components and beefed up power section. There is no silicon lottery here, these cards use the best chips EVGA could find in their warehouse.

So we are to expect the best performance and very high clock speeds from Kingpin cards. It may not matter for most gamers, who are unlikely to see the difference between this and other Pascal cards, but it sure matters for overclockers who are counting every frame per second.

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