COLORFUL launches GeForce RTX 2080 (Ti) RNG Edition with full color LCD

Published: 2nd Jan 2019, 10:22 | Comments


Colorful’s RNG series feature full-color LCD

It finally happened. Colorful released an RNG-branded series featuring new cooler shroud, fancy backplate, and a full-color LCD.

Both models, RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080 iGame RNG full custom design with three 8-pin power connectors, three fans and 2.5-slot design.

The backplate features signatures from the RNG clan members for whom these cards were designed for.

The details on how the screen works are bit limited right now, but we will update you once we learn more.

The only thing that does not make sense is the product name on the packaging. You might notice it says 2070 at the top and 2080 (Ti) on the side ;)

GPU : TU102-300/A Base Clock : 1350 MHz
Cores : 4352 Boost Clock : 1740 MHz (+12.6%)
TMUs : 272 Memory Clock : 14000 Mbps
ROPs : 88 Memory : 11 GB GDDR6 352b

GPU : TU104-400/A Base Clock : 1515 MHz
Cores : 2944 Boost Clock : 1875 MHz (+9.6%)
TMUs : 184 Memory Clock : 14000 Mbps
ROPs : 64 Memory : 8 GB GDDR6 256b

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