ASUS Z390 Maximus XI EXTREME and Gene leaked

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Our spies at ASUS HQ sent an encrypted message with following attachments.

ASUS Maximus XI EXTREME – The OLED is back

The top tier motherboard from ASUS Z390 series. An E-ATX form factor, overengineered VRM section, dual 8-pin power connectors, an additional DIMM.2 slot for high-capacity RAM (more about this later in this post) and a tiny OLED screen.

Maximus XI Gene — Genie in the bottle

The Micro-ATX form factor was not forgotten by ASUS. The Gene is back. Design-wise, it’s similar to Extreme, only it features fewer PCIe/DIMM slots. The Gene also features onboard WIFI and DIMM.2 support.

Bonus 1: Family photos of Z390 Prime and Z390 TUF Series

Bonus 2: High-capacity RAM

The Z390 from ASUS bring another feature, which is double-capacity ram support. We have pictures of something called ASUS ZADAK and GKILL’s Trident Z RGB DC memories. Both to be supported by ASUS Maximus XI series (Extreme/Gene).

Bonus 3: ASUS Z390 Maximus XI Formula / Code

I can now confirm that the motherboard on the left is, in fact, Maximus XI formula, whereas the one on the right is Maximus XI Code.


by WhyCry

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