ASUS preparing two AMD TRX40 motherboards

Published: 29th Aug 2019, 09:36 | Comments


We have just confirmed with our sources at ASUS that the manufacturer is working on at least two, yet unannounced, AMD-based motherboards.


AMD is set to introduce new motherboard chipsets for their ultra-premium Threadripper series, a leak from USB-IF suggests. As soon as this information surfaced we dug deeper and discovered that ASUS has at least two motherboards on the works:


As you can see, one of the boards is clearly from ROG STRIX GAMING series. These are clearly not EPYC boards. In fact, the TRX naming, suggests we are looking at Threadripper chipsets.

The original leak from USB-IF listed three chipsets: TRX40, TRX80, and WRX80. We are unable to tell what these numbers mean at this time, but one could guess they are going to offer more memory slots or PCIe lanes depending on the chipset and processor used. The WRX80, on the other hand, sounds like a workstation board. Whether these are more productivity-oriented boards or supporting higher core Threadripper CPUs, we don’t know yet.

By moving away from X_99 board naming, AMD would simplify the product stack for consumers, who may be confused by overlapping Intel and AMD HEDT board naming.

Source: USB-IF via momomo_us

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