ASUS ‘confirms’ X590 motherboards

Published: 31st Jul 2019, 09:49 | Comments


Our sources at ASUS HQ have confirmed that the manufacturer is working on X590 motherboards.

Exclusive: ASUS X590 & X599

At least two models have been confirmed internally to ASUS employees. The PRIME X590-PRO and ROG STRIX X590-E are being mentioned in confidential documents that we have seen.

This of course, does not confirm that these boards will be released. It does, however, confirm that such boards exist, either in development state or as engineering products.

The original rumor was that X590 would support PCIe Gen4, while X570 would retain PCIe Gen3 compatibility. As you know, X570 already supports Gen4, as so do many X470 motherboards. That said we are unsure how different X590 will be from X570. But one could guess that X590 launch will be connected to 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X launch, which is expected in 2 months.

But wait, there is more… ?

We have also confirmed that ASUS is preparing ZENITH II EXTREME. As you might remember, the ZENITH (I) is based on X399 chipset. That said, the ZENITH II should adopt X599. Just in time for new Threadripper 3000 series.

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