AMD to launch Pinnacle CPUs in February 2018

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Ryzen reaches Pinnacle

According to DigiTimes, AMD has confirmed to motherboard manufacturers an updated roadmap with 12nm LP Pinnacle CPUs coming in February 2018. The Pinnacle series are considered a Ryzen refresh on a smaller node.


The Pinnacle Ridge is a codename for Summit Ridge successor. I’m not sure what DigiTimes is referring here, but they claim that Ryzen 7 will be succeeded by a CPU codenamed Pinnacle 7.

The report further confirms that AMD is also planning low-power Pinnacle CPUs in April 2018, which will be followed by Pinnacle Pro for the enterprise market. The 400-series motherboards (X470/B450/A420) would also launch in April.

Bear in mind, that it is possible that Pinnacle is just an internal codename for Ryzen 2000.

 AMD Ryzen vs AMD Pinnacle
2017 (Summit Ridge 14nm)2018 (Pinnacle Ridge 12nm)
Ryzen 7 1000➡️Ryzen 7 (Pinnacle 7) 2000
Ryzen 5 1000➡️Ryzen 5 (Pinnacle 5) 2000
Ryzen 3 1000➡️Ryzen 3 (Pinnacle 3) 2000
Ryzen Pro 1000➡️Ryzen (Pinnacle) Pro
X370/B350/A320 Chipset➡️X470/B450/A420

Below you can find all leaked roadmaps outlining AMD plans for 2018:

Source: DigiTimes

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