AMD Ryzen Threadripper launches on August 10th

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Hermitage Akihabara, the same site that broke the news about liquid cooling for Threadripper has now revealed the launch date of the AMD’s upcoming HEDT platform.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper on August 10th

According to GDM the pre order date of July 27th (in local shops) had to be canceled due to the problems with Threadripper availability. This is actually not the first time I’m hearing about low quantity of TR at launch. I guess we will see if that is really a problem in August.

When it comes to the news about liquid cooling, GDM is now changing their story. There is no reference watercooling for Threadripper, at least not yet. In fact, they claim that Threadripper is not even equipped with an air-cooler. Reviewers are likely to get the first batch of brand new Noctua TR4 coolers (or other brands) with their kits, but if you were planning to buy TR, it appears that you need to ensure that your cooler is compatible first.

Finally, it is said that Threadripper will launch on August 10 at 22:00 o’clock Japanese time (14:00 London time, 6:00 LA time).

Source: GDM

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