AMD rumored to refresh Matisse CPUs: Ryzen 7 3850X and 3750X coming?

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RUMOR: “Matisse Refresh”: Ryzen 7 3850X and 3750X

AMD could be refreshing the Ryzen 3000 lineup with new SKUs, rumor claims. The user HXL (Twitter) today published the names of the new Ryzen 3000 SKUs. We have reached out to the user for more details. We were told that the information comes from the AMD source (we are unable to confirm this claim).

The dates mentioned in a retweet are actually from ASUS marketing person posted on Chinese Weibo. Those ‘big days’ refer to AMD B550 motherboards launch and availability. However, it is likely that Matisse Refresh could arrive close to those dates as well (if it is arriving at all).

HXL (@9550pro) (Source: Twitter)

Gigabyte confirms?

Sure, this is not very convincing, if not for the fact that Gigabyte indirectly confirmed Matisse Refresh in their B550 presentation slide as well. Their roadmap features “Matisse & Refresh”, “Vermeer”, and even “Renoir” APUs, none of these have been released.

Some of the paintings on the left side were drawn by famous painters “Cezanne” and “Rembrandt”. Those codenames are associated with future APUs (Renoir successors).

A slide from Gigabyte B550 launch presentation (source: Hassan Mujtaba)

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