AMD Radeon VII launch allocation: 100+ units for UK, 20 units for Spain and France

Published: 6th Feb 2019, 17:03 | Comments


We have heard rumors that Radeon VII may be limited at launch, but the numbers we are hearing from retailers and reviewers are staggering.

A very limited edition

Only 76 units have made its way to OverclockersUK headquarters. The OCUK allocation is supposedly half of what the UK will receive on launch day. And that is not the worst.

According to Cowcotland, Spain and France will get only 20 units each. It was not confirmed if the number came from one retailer or one manufacturer, but even if this meant 20 units from one manufacturer for one store the numbers are still unbelievably low.

The AMD Radeon VII will cost around 739 EUR in Europe. There is no information about availability in other regions, but early rumors indicated that only a few thousand units will be available worldwide at launch.

Source: OCUK via TechPowerUP, Cowcotland, Reddit (picture)

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