AMD Radeon VEGA has officially 4096 Stream Processors

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AMD finally spilled the beans on VEGA specs

It’s official. AMD Radeon Vega has 64 Compute Units. The specs also list 480 GB/s bandwidth which means we either have four 4-Hi stacks running at relatively low HBM2 speed across 4096-bit bus or 2 stacks 8-Hi running at very high speed (1.87 Gbps). The Frontier Edition will ship with 16 GB of HBM2 memory.

This is a professional solution, which may have better specs than Radeon RX Vega for gamers. It is a good indication of what to expect though.

The slide confirms that Radeon VEGA has 64 Compute Units and 4096 Stream Processors.

VideoCardz.comRadeon RX Vega FrontierRadeon R9 Fury X
Compute Units6464
Unified Cores40964096
FP32 Computing12.5 TFLOPs8.6 TFLOPs
Max Core Clock1525 MHz1050 MHz
HBM Stacks2 (?)4
Memory Bus2048-bit  (?)4096-bit
Memory Speed1.875 Gbps (?)1.0 Gbps
Memory Bandwidth480 GB/s512 GB/s
Memory Capcity16 GB4 GB

If you are waiting for gaming Vega, there are no official news I’m afraid. The blog post at seems to indicate that we will be seeing more Vega products this summer.


Today we’re announcing the first of several Vega architecture-based products to roll out this summer, and soon we’ll be launching Radeon Instinct, Radeon Pro, and Radeon RX flavors of Vega. But today’s Vega is just a little different. Let me tell you why.

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