AMD Radeon RX 640 and Radeon 630 spotted in the drivers

Published: 13th May 2019, 12:09 | Comments


A member of TechPowerUP forums discovered ‘Radeon RX 640’ graphics card in the latest driver, 

AMD Radeon RX 640: Say hello to Polaris (again)

This brings an important question, are the new series called ‘RX 3000’, as some of the leaks suggested, or is AMD sticking to ‘RX 600’ series as a successor to RX 500. The theory brought by TPU is that 600 could be only for rebranded parts. This is something that we cannot confirm right now, but it does not really make much sense. If we are seeing Radeon RX 640, it is very likely that new series are in fact RX 600.

We have investigated the driver and it appears that both Radeon 630 and Radeon RX 640 are indeed direct rebrands of 540X and 550X. Both SKUs are based on 2nd Gen Polaris.

AMD Radeon 600 Series
Polaris 23 XTRadeon (RX) 550XRadeon RX 640
Polaris 23 MXLRadeon 540XRadeon 630

Source: TechPowerUP

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