AMD Engineering Samples Update

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Something for your morning coffee…

Latest AMD Engineering Samples
AMD Eng Sample:Turbo (MHz)Base (MHz)CoresThreadsPlatform
2D3101A8UGAF4_36/31_N360031001632AMD Whitehaven
1D3101A8UGAF3_36/31_N360031001632AMD Whitehaven
2D2701A9UC9F4_32/27_N320027001224Alienware R3
ZM2111C1Y4382_34/21/13/06_98742500*2100*24AMD Gardenia
2M3001C3T4MF2_33/30_N + AMD 15DD3300300048AMD Tambourine
2M2000C4T4MF2_33/20_N + AMD 15DD3300200048AMD Tambourine
2M1901C4T4MF2_30/19_N + AMD 15DD3000190048AMD Mandolin
ZG1300T5L8798_00/21/17/09_9924 + Gladius B02093*1594*?8AMD Dublin and MunsterCRB
2M1901C4T4MF2_30/19_N3000190048AMD Mandolin
2D3151A2M88E4_35/31_N35003100816Acer Myrtle CRB

* as detected

Small reminder what those numbers stand for. Looks like cores are not in hexadecimal format, but something like this: C = 12, D = 13 … G = 16.

EXAMPLE: AMD Eng Sample: 2D2701A9UC9F4_32/27_N
ValueWhat does it stand for?Explanation
2Engineering Sample Generation1: 1st Gen, 2: 2nd Gen, Z: Qual. Sample
DPlatformS: Server, D: Desktop
270Base frequency 2.7 GHz 
1Revision 1st Revision
A9TDPA2: 95W, AU: 65W, A8: ?, A9: ?
USocketM = AM4, V = SP3, U = ?
CNumbers of coresC = 12, G = 16
9Cache configuration
F4SteppingE4 = A-Step, F4 = B-Step
32/27Turbo / Base Clock3.2 / 2.7 GHz


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