AMD “BIG” NAVI21 GPU variants have been decoded

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AMD Big Navi GPU has been decoded – at least 10 variants are expected.

AMD Navi 21

For the past year or so, we have been hearing about Navi Refresh. For a long time those rumors have been treated with a certain amount of skepticism, but as soon as AMD themselves confirmed that they are working not only on RDNA 2X but also RDNA 3X architectures, the puzzles have started to create a broader picture.

AMD is set to announce Big Navi GPU later this year. There are rumors that AMD and NVIDIA are both planning to launch their next-generation GPUs in September. This has not been confirmed, but it is a perfect time to announce new graphics cards. In September we also have Computex 2020, which has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

On a website called HardwareLeaks, which belongs to “rogame” (the leaker you should recognize from Twitter), NAVI 21 GPU IDs have been shared. This is not an empty list, as the IDs have been tied to GPU variants. That’s a very interesting leak as it explains what is AMD planning to do with its Navi 21 processor.

The list features different cut-down variants of Navi 21 and it seems that AMD is really trying to reuse the chip as much as possible. That said, we might (eventually and hopefully) even see Radeon RX 6600 featuring the same silicon.

There are no mobile variants on this list, also “G” (eg. GXL) models are not listed. The original list also features Navi 10 Refresh, but since the IDs are identical to Navi 21, we are not sure if that’s really the name of the GPU.

NAVI 21 XTX731F:D0Radeon RX (Full Die)RX 5700 XT (50th Anniversary)
NAVI 21 XT731F:D1Radeon RX (Full Die)RX 5700 XT
NAVI 21 XL731F:D3Radeon RX (Cut-Down Die)RX 5700
NAVI 21 XE731F:DFRadeon RX (Cut-Down Die)RX 5600 XT
NAVI 21 XTA731F:50New?
NAVI 21 XLA731F:51New?
NAVI 21 PRO XTA731F:11MAC Radeon PRO?
NAVI 21 PRO XLA731F:13MAC Radeon PRO?
NAVI 21 PRO-XT731F:10MAC Radeon PRO?
NAVI 21 PRO-XL731F:12MAC Radeon PROPRO W5700


Source: HardwareLeaks

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