A closer look at Radeon RX Vega 64 backplate

Published: 1st Aug 2017, 09:09 | Comments


Some people were asking if RX Vega 64 comes with a backplate. Yes, it does, in fact, all three variants have a backplate. The black reference design, the cheapest (499 USD) RX Vega 64, has a full cover backplate. There are no logos on the back, but there are labels for GPUTach and information for LED dip switches.

The backplates act as a reinforcement for the sagging GPUs, they protect the circuitry of the cards and help with easier graphics cards removal. When it comes to heat distribution, most backplates are not even touching the components, so they often trap the heat rather dissipate it. The limited edition has fancy perforations, which should theoretically help to eliminate this problem.

Source: HardwareLuxx

by WhyCry

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