2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Threadripper is now sampling

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AMD has confirmed that the second generation Threadripper is now sampling.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2000

AMD’s HEDT platform will soon receive an update with a new line of Ryzen processors. The Ryzen Threadripper 2000 will utilize 12nm fabrication process, which will likely allow AMD to increase power efficiency and overall frequency in single and multi-threaded applications.

AMD has provided an update about new HEDT platform during Ryzen PRO 2000 announcement. The next generation Threadripper is already being sampled and it should now be available to all partners. This means that Q3 launch seems very likely, continuing year to year refresh cycle.

AMD Zen Architecture
 VideoCardz.comRyzen 1000Ryzen 2000Ryzen 3000Ryzen 4000
ArchitectureZenZen+Zen2Zen3 / Zen2+
HEDT (TR4)Threadripper 1st GenThreadripper 2nd GenThreadripper 3rd Gen
“Castle Peak”
Threadripper 4th Gen
Desktop (AM4)Ryzen 1st Gen
“Summit Ridge”
Ryzen 2nd Gen
“Pinnacle Ridge:
Ryzen 3rd Gen
Ryzen 4th Gen
APU (AM4)“Raven Ridge”“Picasso”“Renoir”

AMD has listed three Threadripper 2000 SKUs, which are likely to receive the same core count as their predecessors.

Threadripper 2900XYD290XA8U8QAF
Threadripper 2920XYD292XA8UC9AF
Threadripper 2950XYD295XA8UGAAF

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