Let’s start blogging: Our Manifesto

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I decided to start a blog

This is a new content type for our site. It’s a blog about everything. Some topics will be related to VC, some will not. The first entry will only focus on VC.

Did you know that videocardz.com domain was registered way back in 2000?

It was abandoned and I registered it again in 2008. So technically this site is already 17 years old, but only 9 years with the current team.

VideoCardz.com in 2001

Goals and Manifesto. 

No link spamming on any 3rd party website

I made this decision the moment this site was created, but I must say, it was very hard to keep this promise, knowing how easy is it to manipulate social media, forums etc., especially when you see your competition doing just that or something that became more popular recently, story rewriting and quick link spamming to claim content as theirs. Despite that, over time I learned it was a good decision. I know no one will ever accuse me advertising my own site because I never did that. In the end, it’s all about transparency and reputation.

Every post should have a source, unless…

Why some of my posts do not contain a source, but most do? It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes it’s necessary to keep sources to myself. The main reason why it might happen is to ensure anonymity of my sources. The other reason might be the fact that I spent hours to find something. Unfortunately, in most cases, I’m unlikely to get any credit for this hard work by other editors.

Some rumors should not be posted

I’m not sure if you noticed, but more and more sites started to post rumors. Over the past few years, I learned that it’s not always good to post all rumors. It will attract new users, it will generate discussion, but in the end, it might affect reputation. That’s why we are only sharing rumors that sound plausible or rumors we managed to confirm first. Some stories cannot be confirmed and will end up on the site anyway, so the risk of being wrong is always out there, but I think we found a good balance in this regard.

No paid articles

I have never, and will never post paid article on this site. Does it need any explanation?

No adblock “blockers”, no popups, no begging for money

We never asked for money. We have no patreon, no paypal donate button, no bitcoin address. We also do not affect the viewing experience to those who avoid displaying ads. That’s because we are not selling content, we are sharing it. You can only pay us by visiting our site again, sharing the content or disabling adblocker. Do it if you appreciate the content, don’t do it because we forced you to.

No giveaways to artificially boost social media popularity

Giveaways are the cheapest and easiest way to gain more Facebook/Twitter fans. We never did it, because we were never after those numbers. We only have few thousand followers, but all these people are true fans, fans who liked our site because they wanted to, not because we promised something in exchange. Some celebrate millions of followers, we celebrate every fan.

I have few other topics for this blog, so expect more entries soon.

by WhyCry

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