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Have you ever wondered why so many PC products feel somewhat similar? Well, there’s a simple explanation. Nowadays, if a product marketer wants to sell a product, it has to be for GAMERS. It needs to offer a great GAMING EXPERIENCE. You get that vibe, don’t you?

Batman “Gaming” Forever 

Have you seen the Batman font? Sure you did. You can find it on the packaging of almost every PC component out there. ASUS has been using it for years, still is, but the most recent products carry a different ROG font-style. MSI and Gigabyte have also been using this font type for many products, even graphics cards. But by far the most popular use for it was always for gaming peripherals.

Over the past few years, almost every graphics card manufacturer release their own GAMING series. Some have only added GAMING to existing product lines (like ROG … GAMING, or ICX… GAMING), but some have been using them for years (MSI GAMING, GIGABYTE G1 GAMING). Even Gainward recently added GAMING to their PHOENIX series. If something isn’t gaming, it’s not a PC product anymore.

But the part which connects them all is Batman Forever font. This font has been downloaded more than 3 million times. It’s the font that sticks out, gives a more aggressive feel to your gaming products. It simply is the font that will sell them.

Here are some notable examples.




Source of the Batman image: christophergeiser87

You can download Batman Forever font to start making your own PC gaming products from Dafont collection.

by WhyCry

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