What to expect of NVIDIA’s implementation of ReShade

Published: 25th Oct 2019, 12:25 GMT | Comments

We have details on ReShade & Freestyle integration.

30+ Reshade filters for competitive gaming

We have already exclusively revealed that NVIDIA will implement ReShade postprocessing filters into their software. The integration will take place through GeForce Experience and NVIDIA Freestyle technology.

NVIDIA will offer a specific subset of ReShade filters that can be enabled for competitive and non-competitive games. This is obviously a requirement as competitive gamers could take advantage of such filters which were intended for singleplayer usage, otherwise they could risk receiving a ban for using them.

For competitive games, NVIDIA will support 14 FreeStyle Filters and 30+ ReShade filters. This number will change for non-competitive titles, as NVIDIA is targetting 70+ filters to be available for this type of gaming.

Additionally, NVIDIA will allow ALL ReShade filters to be used through Ansel (a technology that allows you to capture interesting moments in your favorite games).

NVIDIA ReShade Filters Integration
VideoCardz.comNVIDIA FreestyleNVIDIA Ansel
FiltersCompetitive GamesNon-Competitive> 650 Games (No SDK)> 80 Games (with SDK)
NVIDIA Freestyle14 Filters14 Filters16 Filters16 Filters
Official ReShade30+  Filters70+ Filters30+  Filters70+ Filters
Custom ReShadeNot SupportedALL filters (160 titles)Not SupportedANY Filters

The integration will be as easy as dropping a file into the Ansel directory and enabling a new filter through Ansel or Freestyle overlay menu.

The document we have does not mention any limitations regarding GPUs. It does not list the official filters either. For a list of Freestyle supported games head on to this address (and choose Freestyle or Ansel from the drop menu).

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