Custom Radeon RX 5500 from XFX pictured?

Published: 15th Oct 2019, 08:19 GMT | Comments

UPDATE: The card pictured below is a Radeon RX 580 8GB model. 



An anonymous source that provided these pictures has not clarified which Radeon SKU this card really is. Judging from the design and timing, we are quite sure this is the RX 5500, as the card features THICC II design and a single 8-pin power connector.

Unlike the RX 5700 THICC series, the RX 5500 would be a full-black design with copper heat pipes and fan stickers. The Chevrolet-styled grill on the side, has been replaced with a black shark fin design.

The card also features two Dual DVI-D ports, while the reference design does not even have one. We have asked for more details and will provide an update soon.

by WhyCry

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