AMD to announce Radeon RX 5500 on October 7th

Published: 1st Oct 2019, 10:20 GMT | Comments

AMD is set to introduce a new mid-range Radeon graphics card very soon.

AMD Radeon RX 5500 coming this quarter

We have just been informed of an AMD press call regarding upcoming Radeon graphics cards. The plural form comes from desktop and mobile variants, as AMD is set to introduce Radeon RX 5500 for both desktop and mobile markets.

The RX 5500 is a mid-range solution positioned against the GTX 1650 graphics card from NVIDIA. This is a 128-bit graphics card, likely to replace the existing RX 560 models.

The mid-range segment is getting some fresh air this month. This is where we remind you about GTX 1660 SUPER and GTX 1650 Ti, both rumored yet-to-be-released cards from NVIDIA. ITHome today reported that the former will be available on October 29th.

The interesting piece of information is about the memory, although unconfirmed, we have heard that RX 5500 may offer up to 8GB of GDDR6 memory. Unfortunately, this is still tied with a 128-bit bus, so the bandwidth increase will come from a higher frequency, not the width of the bus itself.

According to our information, the RX 5500 series will indeed feature 22 Compute Units, which translates into 1408 Stream Processors. This was earlier reported by Wccftech. This would mean that RX 5500 is to feature the same core count as GTX 1660.

During the call, AMD has been using Polaris-based RX 480 for comparison. We do not know the price yet, but one could guess it will not be higher than 200 USD. The Radeon RX 5500 and Radeon RX 5500 Mobile will not be available till later this quarter (no exact date was given).

AMD Radeon Mid-Range Series
RX 460RX 560RX 5500 XT
GPU14nm Polaris 1114nm Polaris 217nm Navi 14 (TBC)
Stream Processors
Base Clock
1090 MHz
1175 MHz
Boost Clock
1200 MHz
1275 MHz
Memory Speed
7 Gbps
7 Gbps
Memory Bus


2019 Mid-range Graphics Cards
GeForce GTX 1660 TiReleasedTuring TU116-4006GB GDDR6 12Gbps
GeForce GTX 1660 SUPERRumoredTuring TU116-3006GB GDDR6 14Gbps
GeForce GTX 1660ReleasedTuring TU116-3006GB GDDR5 8Gbps
GeForce GTX 1650 SUPERRumoredTuring TU117-?4GB GDDR5 8Gbps
GeForce GTX 1650ReleasedTuring TU117-3004GB GDDR5 8Gbps
Radeon RX 5500 XTRumoredRDNA Navi 14 (TBC)4/8GB GDDR6 14Gbps (TBC)

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