Intel Core i9-10900X Cascade Lake-X HEDT CPU spotted

Published: 18th Sep 2019, 15:10 GMT | Comments

Intel’s Cascade-Lake makes a debut at Geekbench

This month Intel is launching its 10th generation Core series for a high-end desktop platform. The Cascade Lake-X architecture, essentially a refresh of Skylake-X,Refresh will be supported by existing X299 motherboards, as they share the same socket.

The Core i9-10900X is a 10-core and 20-thread CPU is likely to become a lower tier in the family. It is a successor to Core i9-9900X, which features 10 cores and 3.5/4.4 GHz clock speeds (for base and turbo respectively). The Core i9-10900X would sport a 200 MHz higher base clock (3.7 GHz).

Update: the Cascade Lake-X lineup leaked through Bilibili, indicates that the Core i9-10900X is indeed the slowest 10th Gen Core HEDT CPU:

According to Geekbench (10900X vs 9900X), there seems to be a minimal performance upgrade over the predecessor.

Intel already confirmed Cascade-Lake-X launch for this month:

Source: Geekbench via momomo

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