GIGABYTE ‘accidentally’ shows off AORUS (Intel) X499 motherboards

Published: 29th May 2019, 12:34 GMT | Comments

Did gigabyte leak their X499 series?

Intel HEDT X299G is X499?

Wccftech spotted Intel HEDT X499 motherboards at AORUS booth during Computex. While the stickers and leaflets were clearly labeled as X299G, the heatsinks and product names were saying otherwise.

Intel’s HEDT X299G is a refresh of X299 platform. Since the launch of the AMD X399 Threadripper chipset, it was obvious that Intel could no longer use the same name. Both manufacturers are now using names interchangeably. AMD will skip to X599 series while Intel will proceed to X499.

According to the discovery made by Wccftech, the X299G motherboards which are currently being shown at Computex are in fact the X499 series. Below is a compiled (and updated) list of HEDT platforms made by Tom’s Hardware:

High-End DeskTop (HEDT) Motherboard Chipsets
ChipsetManufacturerCode NameSocketRelease Date
X599AMD?TR4 (?)?
X299G/R -> X499Intel?LGA 2066Fall 2019
X399AMDN/ATR4August 2017
C621IntelLewisburgLGA 2066July 2017
X299IntelBasin FallsLGA 2066May 2017
X99IntelWellsburgLGA 2011-V3August 2014
X79IntelPatsburgLGA 2011November 2011
X58IntelTylersburgLGA 1366November 2008



Source: Wccftech

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