AMD launches Radeon RX 560XT

Published: 13th Mar 2019, 11:22 GMT | Comments

AMD Radeon RX 560XT, RX 470D in disguise?

As you might recall, AMD released Radeon RX 470D last year. This particular SKU features a cut-down version of Polaris 10 GPU with 1792 Stream Processors enabled, unlike RX 470 which has 2048.

The ‘new’ card from AMD called Radeon RX 560XT features the exact same configuration as RX 470D. This is a China-only SKU, unlikely to be available anywhere else.

The upgrade from RX 560 to 560XT is quite substantial. The new SKU features 1792 cores while the non-XT variant offers only 1024 cores.

The upgrade also improved memory bandwidth by switching from 128 to a 256-bit interface.

More information about Radeon RX 560XT can be found on the AMD China webpage here.

AMD Radeon RX 560XT Specifications
RX 570RX 470DRX 560XTRX 560
GPUPolaris 20 XLPolaris 10 PRODPolaris 20 PROPolaris 21 XT
Base Clock
1168 MHz
926 MHz
973 MHz
1175 MHz
Boost Clock
1244 MHz
1206 MHz
1073 MHz
1275 MHz
Memory Clock
7 Gbps
7 Gbps
6.6 Gbps
7 Gbps
4GB G5
4GB G5
4GB G5
4GB G5
Memory Bus

According to official AMD benchmarks, the RX 560XT considerably faster than RX 560.

Source: AnandTech

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