AMD preparing Radeon Software Adreanlin 2019 Edition

Published: 30th Nov 2018, 11:59 GMT | Comments

AMD is currently hosting private events for selected press members around the world to talk about an upcoming driver update.

Adrenalin Rush

The new driver will be released mid-December. There is an embargo, but at this moment we are unsure if the information and the driver will be released simultaneously.

First things first. The new driver is still called Adrenalin, 2019 Edition, despite the fact that it will launch this year, or so I’m told. The driver will bring a handful of enhancements and features, but I will only mention a few.


The driver features new overclocking capabilities, such as one-click overclocking (including the memory – so I’ve heard). This obviously is a direct response to NVIDIA’s Turing OC Scanner, but we have no details on how the AMD tool will work exactly.

Our sources claim that new Adrenalin will also support undervolting, yes you heard that right, fully automatic undervolting. This was quite a topic at Vega launch, so I’m looking forward to how efficient this tool will be.

Last but not least, I have also heard about fan curvature modifications in new Wattman.

Hey Radeon!

Have you ever wanted to talk to your graphics card? Well, guess what, AMD will give you this opportunity with Adrenalin 2019 and AMD Link update. You will be able to issue simple commands, but only in English and Chinese. I don’t have a list of all commands yet, but I heard you can ask the software to display FPS for you, should you need it, or take a screenshot (you get the idea).

Streaming to VR Headsets

The last feature which I found interesting is direct streaming to standalone VR headsets. Think of Steam Link, only for VR headset. I’ve heard the technology is really smooth and lag is hardly noticeable.

by WhyCry

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