Gigabyte launches GeForce GTX 1060 G1 Gaming with GDDR5X memory

Published: 26th Oct 2018, 19:35 GMT | Comments

GeForce GTX 1060 gets GDDR5X

The model we are sharing today is called G1 Gaming D5X 6G. You heard that right, the G1 Gaming series are back! Gigabyte is obviously trying to clear the old stock, so both the packaging and the cooler design are a reminder of a pre-AORUS era.

The new SKU received GDDR5X memory (an upgrade from GDDR5). We are not sure how is this going to affect overall performance, but it is expected to clock much higher (under overclocking).

It is very likely that new SKU features GP104 GPU, not the GP106, but Gigabyte is not sharing this information. If that’s the case, we should also ask what will happen to SLI fingers, because the pictures do show something that looks like SLI fingers…

The clock speeds and availability date are unknown, but one could guess that such information will be shared very soon.

by WhyCry

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