AMD Radeon RX 590 spotted at 3DMark database

Published: 15th Oct 2018, 11:16 GMT | Comments

TUM APISAK discovered new entries of yet unannounced Radeon RX 590 graphics card.

AMD Radeon RX 590: Polaris strikes back?

What is Radeon RX 590? Well, no one really knows. Rumors about a ‘new’ Radeon card started appearing last week (actually they started appearing a few months ago, but it was hard to believe at the time — still is).

What is believed now, however, is that Radeon RX 590 would feature Polaris architecture, except on 12nm the fabrication node. This would improve performance and power efficiency, but it would certainly not provide a proper response to NVIDIA’s Turing.

The entry at 3DMark database indicates that RX 590 would feature 1545 MHz clock, that’s 205 MHz higher than RX 580 boost clock.

The memory clock of 2000 MHz suggest there is no change to the memory subsystem, it is likely still GDDR5-based.

Performance wise, we are looking at ~10% improvement compared to RX 480. Our factory-overclocked RX 580 PowerColor Red Devil scores 4399 Graphics Score (4639 while overclocked).

HIS Radeon RX 590

A few days ago, someone claiming to be an employee of a known manufacturer decided to share a production schedule of their new Radeon cards, including Radeon RX 590. It doesn’t take much time to figure out that the list is from HIS Digital. We’ve reached out to HIS for a comment, but so far (3 days) we have did not receive any word from HIS.

Source: Reddit, TUM_APISAK

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